Here’s a little story about one series of illustrations.
It started in early January after visiting the Yusupov Palace in Crimea.
I was much impressed with that garden and the whole plan of the locality; and at the same evening I made the drawing related to that Palace territory and that magic views from there.
Here’s that stuff:

That drawing I like a lot. Also I recieved suggestion from my Instagram followers about developing the A3-sized poster in this style.
The idea was awesome and I decided to make a series of 16 small pieces, which could be presented as a set on a poster or as a set of postal cards.

As a result I’m presenting now the whole set of these localities. I’m not sure if they are cities or towns or any localities. Let it be a number of some areas or points of space-time coordinates. But maybe one day, when I’ll print them as a poster and postcards I’ll name them regarding the my key cities.
All that pictures are here!