Once walking the Belgrade streets I came across a seller with the LUCEULICE magazine (which in a way of my self translation from Serbian to Russian could mean STREET FACE(S) or FACE TO FACE). After that I met a dozen more of such sellers. All of them was what called special / peculiar / specific / odd people. I mean just people out of the ordinary in a social sense. Next day I eventually bought that magazine. Of course I hadn’t read anything because of not-knowing Serbian. But through the pages I had read the main idea — the publication about social questions, issiues, features. It’s almost abandoned by other print editorials and public can just forget about it or don’t keep in mind. But LUCEULICE does exactly that, maintaining these subjects and trying to attract citizens’ attention and trying to solve at least something. Even more — they give that «odd» people the opportunity of work, which can be the only chance for them in terms of job.
Digging a bit more info online made me very happy of knowing this publication. I was such impressed and inspired by the labour of that people!
Today I want to introduce my version of a fiction release of the LUCEULICE magazine with my cover illustration. I was thinking about Belgrade while making the drawing. The city which always social, always cares, always alive. Of course it isn’t official but I would be much proud in case LICEULICE use any of my stuff.

Here’s the picture: